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LANWA Sanstha Cement Corporation (Pvt) Ltd – a brand building in Sri Lanka for over 60 years. LANWA Cement is a leading and largest cement manufacturer in the Sri Lankan cement industry, intending to propel and become the largest ultramodern cement manufacturer in the South Asian region. At LANWA we create the hallway for superior quality and sustainable cement bags. ...Read More

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LANWA Sanstha Cement – we are masters of providing excellent quality cement with the usage of fine-graded raw materials, and well-established maintenance ticking both local and European standards. We also use cutting-edge technology to ensure swift delivery and efficient production. LANWA Cement covers the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025. Everything we do here at LANWA Sanstha Cement is ensured sustainable.

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LANWA Cement solutions that fit any construction industry requirement.

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For Pre-Cast Productions

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Here at LANWA Cement, our policy on sustainable development is very simple. It incorporates the commitments and benefits of all our internal and external stakeholders and communities. We have ensured that corrective measures are established to leverage the policy. Here at LANWA Cement, we practice promoting sustainability within and throughout the organization.

The sustainable philosophy at LANWA Cement speaks about the incorporation and integrated sustainable priorities and strategic pillars to drive their culture. The new yardstick is to create an innovative, environmentally friendly, and resource-efficient facility.

The sustainability we nurture here at LANWA Sanstha Cement is a long-term commitment to the environment. We adhere to having a healthy balance between social well-being, environmental preservation, and community development. As, a company we thrive and grow together with our community.

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September 4, 2023

Quality Assured Cement For Building The Nation!

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