Ordinary Portland Cement

Ordinary Portland Cement

Properly grinding a mixture of specifically selected minerals, Lanwa Sanstha Ordinary Portland cement is meticulously crafted to ensure exceptional concrete strength. Thanks to the superior strength properties of Lanwa OPC, it stands as the optimal choice for pre-casting concrete projects and high-strength concrete applications. This cement doesn't compromise on versatility, continuing to perform exceptionally well as a foundational material for a wide range of construction needs.

The remarkable rapid strength development attributes of Lanwa OPC result in accelerated concrete strength compared to other cement variants. This quick strength gain enables you to expedite construction projects by subjecting load-bearing elements to their intended loads in a shorter time frame. This, in turn, leads to cost savings through enhanced material efficiency and quicker construction progress. Given these distinctive qualities, Lanwa OPC proves highly effective for shot-creating tasks related to tunneling and soil nailing.

Crafted to meet the highest standards, Lanwa Ordinary Portland cement adheres to the quality criteria outlined in compliance with Sri Lankan Standard SLS 107:2015, boasting a commendable strength classification of 42.5 N/R.

Product Description

Product Name : LANWA Sanstha Ordinary Portland Cement
Designation : Ordinary Portland Cement
Strength Class : 42.5N
Comply With : SLS 107:2015

LANWA Sanstha Ordinary Portland Cement is a quality-assured cement, manufactured in compliance with SLS 107:2015 product specification, the national standard. The cement is produced using high-quality raw materials followed by strict quality control procedures focusing on the high consistency final product to exceed the customer’s satisfaction.

product features

High strength concrete

Lanwa OPC (Ordinary Portland Cement) emerges as the premier choice for high-strength concrete, thanks to a combination of key attributes that set it apart in the world of construction materials. It boasts an impressive compressive strength, a critical characteristic for high-strength concrete. Which allows structures to withstand immense pressures and loads, ensuring long-lasting durability in demanding applications. One of Lanwa OPC’s standout features is its rapid strength development. It accelerates the setting and hardening of concrete, enabling projects to attain their desired strength in a shorter time. This quality is particularly valuable for scenarios where early load-bearing capacity is essential, expediting construction schedules.

Prefabricated Prefinished Volumetric Construction (PPVC)

PPVC relies on the assembly of precast concrete components, often in a factory setting. Lanwa OPC’s rapid setting and strength development characteristics are advantageous in this context. It allows for quicker demolding and handling of precast elements, reducing the time required for curing and achieving structural integrity faster. The fast strength development of Lanwa OPC means that precast elements can be produced with thinner sections or reduced reinforcement, resulting in more efficient material usage. This not only reduces material costs but also makes transportation of prefabricated components more cost-effective. Lanwa OPC’s high-strength characteristics ensure that the precast elements are robust and long-lasting, which is particularly important in construction projects that require durability and resilience.

Shotcrete & Soil Stabilizing

Shotcrete is a process of spraying or projecting concrete at high velocity onto a surface. The quick setting of Lanwa OPC ensures that the applied concrete adheres to the substrate and gains strength rapidly, making it a reliable choice for structural and support applications. Further, shotcrete often serves as structural reinforcement, and Lanwa OPC’s excellent compressive strength enhances the overall durability and load-bearing capacity of the shotcrete. This is essential for applications like retaining walls, tunnel linings, and slope stabilization. The use of Lanwa OPC in soil stabilizing projects enhances the bearing capacity of the treated soil, making it suitable for construction, roads, pavements, and other load-bearing applications. This, in turn, reduces the need for extensive excavation and replacement of weak soils.

Major construction works.

LANWA OPC allows for customization and adaptation to specific project requirements. It can be used to create various concrete mixes and finishes, accommodating the diverse needs of different construction applications. Its adaptability means it can serve as a foundational material in different phases of construction projects


  • Concrete admixtures complying with BS EN 934-1:2008 or equivalent
  • Manufactured sand (M-Sand), Sea sand, Recycled aggregate, and natural sand
  • Mixing with supplementary Cementitious material

Technical Compliance

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