Quality Assured Cement For Building The Nation!

September 4, 2023

Quality Assured Cement For Building The Nation!

State-of-the-art cement manufacturing facility Lanwa Sanstha Cement Corporation (Pvt) Ltd which is slated to be one of the largest in the region is commissioned in March 2022, with the capacity of 4 Mn metric tons per annum. The facility which is spread across 63 acres is in the Mirijjawila Export Processing Zone, Hambantota.

One of the facility’s strengths is the emphasis on cutting-edge technology, with all mixing being done with European machinery for minimal wastage.

“We are very excited to start operations in March 2022 at a juncture when the whole world is returning to normalcy after two years of pandemonium due to the global pandemic. In many ways, we’re optimistic that this venture will be a major boost to the economy in terms of technological advancement, foreign revenue, and a solution to the shortage of cement which is crippling the local construction sector currently”, Chairman of Lanwa Sanstha Cement Corporation (Pvt) Ltd Nandana Lokuwithana has commented on the completion of Phase 1.

Lanwa Sanstha Cement Corporation has projected that in total capacity, they will be able to produce 4 million Metric Tons of cement per annum, essentially being one of largest cement manufacturers in Sri Lanka. In maximum capacity, Lanwa Sanstha Cement is set to produce a full range of cement products, including OPC (SLS 107) / PCC (SLS 1697) / BHC (SLS 1247).

Lanwa Sanstha Cement is par with global standards by shifting from labor-intensive to tech-oriented aligning local industry. It features a fully automated Stacker Reclaimer Yard and two Bridge Type Ship Unloaders for ease of handling cargo. Also, the corporation has targets to operate as an environment-friendly cement manufacturing plant, with wastage levels effectively reduced to a minimal.

Lanwa Sanstha Cement Corporation (Pvt) Ltd is the sister company of Ceylon Steel Corporation Limited, Sri Lanka’s foremost steel manufacturer. And Lanwa Sanstha Cement shares the same hallmark philosophy on quality, hoping to set the standards for superior quality cement manufacturing in Sri Lanka.

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