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  • Blended Hydraulic Cement (BHC): For high durable constrcutions in aggressive environments.
  • Portland Composite Cement (PCC): Eco friendly cement that suits all your construction needs.
  • Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC): For high strength concrete constructions.


  • Concrete Placement and Wall Construction: At LANWA, we develop a range of products that suit your verious construction needs including,
  • Pre-Cast Productions: High durable consdtructions : We offer products and solutions for structures requiring high durability and resistance to chemical attack in harsh environments.
  • High Durability Applications: High strength concrete : We offer specially formulated products that deliver superior strengths with time. Which would allow our customers to selelct the specific product based on their strength development needs.
  • Retail Market and Residential Constructions: Mass concreting : Our products are capable in developing solutions for mass concrete applications.

Here is what we do more:

  • Technical support: Supplies expert advice and assistance for choosing the right product and applying it correctly.
  • Quality assurance: Ensures that our products meets the highest quality stanadards.
  • Logistics and delivery: Offers efficient and reliable delivery solutions to ensure a prompt supply of materials.
  • Sustainability: Commited to reducing the environment impact and promoting sustainable construction practices.

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