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Manufactured using 80%-65% clinker content and other pozzolanic materials, including calcined clay, volcanic ash, fly ash, or silica fumes, Portland Composite Cement display comparable strength and durability such as Ordinary Portland Cement. With higher resistance towards sulphate attacks, chloride attacks and carbonation, Portland Composite Cement is ideal for developing impermeable structures. It has a low heat emission-quality to prevent cracks in structures and alkali-aggregation reaction. Also chemically robust, Portland Composite Cement is suitable for coastal constructions and hydraulic establishments.

Compared with other cement variants, Portland Composite Cement boasts a low carbon footprint, As it can use mixture of mineral components utilised in manufacturing Portland Composite Cement. That makes it essentially an eco-friendly construction material with higher strength.

Portland Composite Cement shows a significantly higher fineness, ideal for Durable concrete structures and palstering works. Also, the denser microstructure of Portland Composite Cement, leading to a high packing density, facilitates concrete to flow efficiently within reinforcements.

As made fineness and improved fresh concrete properties, Portland Composite Cement meets the quality requirements of Sri Lanka Standard SLS 1697: 2021.

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Product Description:

Product Name : LANWA Sanstha Portland Composite Cement
Designation : Portland Composite Cement
Strength Class : 42.5N
Comply With : SLS 1697:2021

Lanwa Sanstha Portland Composite Cement is a quality assured cement, manufactured in compliance with SLS 1697:2021 product specification, the national standard. The cement is produced using high quality raw material followed by strict quality controlling procedures focusing the high consistency final product to exceed the customers satisfaction.


Lanwa Sanstha Portland Composite Cement is commonly uses for wide range of application including concreting, rendering, plastering and pre cast production.


Lanwa Sanstha Portland Composite Cement manufactured fulfilling the government mandatory requirement published in SLS 1697:2021, by Sri Lanka Standard Institution. In addition, factory management system based on ISO 9001:2015 and supported by ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018. All the quality assurance and control activities are carried out focusing ISO/IEC 17025:2017 requirements.

Mix Design and Compatibility:

It is strongly recommended to carried out trail mixes based on proper mix design method published by globally recognized technological institution prior to commence the work in order to avoid unexpected circumstances.

The cement is compatible with wide range of admixtures and additives developed to enhance the individual performance of concreting, grouting, rendering and mortar application, but not limited.

Technical Compliance:

Average standard water consistency as per SLS ISO 9597 is 25.0%