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About Us

Lanwa Sanstha Cement Corporation (Pvt) Ltd is the newest BOI-approved aspirant to the cement manufacturing industry of Sri Lanka. As situated in Export Processing Zone, Mirijjawila, Hambanthota, with the state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, Lanwa Sanstha Cement is expected to be one of the region’s largest cement manufacturers.

In phase 01, there will be 3 Million Metric Tons per annum production in the Lanwa plant, actively contributing to the annual cement consumption of the country. With a projected full capacity of 4 Million Metric Tons production per annum, Lanwa Sanstha Cement Corporation will be the largest cement manufacturer in Sri Lanka. In full capacity, Lanwa Sanstha Cement will produce a full range of cement products, including Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC), Portland Composite Cement (PCC), and Blended Hydraulic Cement (BHC). Lanwa Sanstha Cement aims to meet the needs of all major construction projects of the Island.

Lanwa Sanstha Cement Corporation boasts cutting-edge technology for the manufacturing process, with all mixing being done with European machinery, effectively reducing the wastage levels to a minimal. The facility also features a fully automated Stacker Reclaimer Yard and two Bridge Type Ship Unloaders for ease of handling cargo, shifting from labour-intensive to tech-oriented aligning local industry with global standards.
As the sister company of Ceylon Steel Corporation Limited, Sri Lanka’s foremost manufacturer of steel, Lanwa Sanstha Cement Corporation (Pvt) Ltd will set higher standards in the Sri Lankan cement manufacturing industry, with their hallmark product philosophy in quality and innovation.


Chairman's Message

Lanwa Sanstha Cement Corporation (Pvt) Ltd

Mr. Nandana Lokuwithana

As an entrepreneur, I see Sri Lanka as a land of myriad opportunities. This fact had dawned on me, not when I was here in the land of my birth, but when I was living overseas.

Like most of the youth of the ‘80s, I too migrated, thinking greener pastures are to be had over there. But I can vouch now, in Sri Lanka, the prospects are much richer and brighter and greater –though I had my share of good fortune in rising from the ranks up the corporate ladder to power with the renowned and the famous in the business world. And I, too, became successful in my endeavours.

My first venture on returning to Sri Lanka was the acquisition of Ceylon Heavy Industries & Construction Company Limited, CHICO, from a Korean entity, in 2009. Instilling the national pride in the steel giant, it was renamed Ceylon Steel Corporation Limited with “Lanwa Sanstha Wane” as its brand name. Not long after, Rigid Tyre Corporation Limited commenced construction at Horana, and I take humble pride in announcing the first batches of production are already rolling out. Lanwa Sanstha Cement Corporation Limited at Hambanthota, my 3rd venture, is on schedule to start production early next year, boosting the country’s infrastructure development.

In all these ventures, I aimed to ingrain state-of-the-art technology and advanced technical know-how so that as a nation, we are future-ready and be on par with global standings. And our able sons and daughters can have lucrative employment not overseas but here in their very own motherland so that the country can fast forward socially, economically, and industrially.

And that vision of mine will be enriched with our new venture, Lanwa Sanstha Cement Corporation (Pvt) Ltd. Lanwa Sanstha Cement Corporation, as a sister company of Sri Lanka’s foremost manufacturer of steel Ceylon Steel Corporation Limited, will thrive to become one of the region’s largest cement manufacturers, and the major supplier for all major construction projects of the country, including the Port City and expressways.

In full capacity, Lanwa Sanstha Cement will produce 4 Million Meric Tons cement production per annum, with the aim to become the largest cement manufacturer in Sri Lanka. Our production is located in the Export Processing Zone of Mirijjawila, Hambanthota, with a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility spread across 63 acres. Also, this facility incorporates a host of sophisticated features, including a 2.4km covered conveyer belt connecting the port & factory for increased efficiency, minimal wastage and pollution.

We are very excited to start operations in March 2022 at a juncture when the whole world is returning to normalcy after two years of pandemonium due to the global pandemic. In many ways, we’re optimistic that this venture will be a major boost to the economy in terms of technological advancement, foreign revenue and a solution to the shortage of cement, which is crippling the local construction sector.

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