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Lanwa Sanstha Cement Corporation Pvt Ltd’s sustainable development policy encompasses commitments that benefit our employees, customers, and communities while serving financial and non-financial stakeholders. To achieve that, Lanwa Sanstha has taken measures since the inauguration. The progress of those measures to promote sustainability within and outside the organisation is perceptible. Lanwa Sanstha has incorporated and integrated sustainability throughout the organisation, from the sustainability priorities and strategic pillars to values-driven culture to achieve sustainability goals according to the Lanwa Sanstha Philosophy on sustainability.

The following policy practices envelop the Sustainable development policy of Lanwa Sanstha Cement Corporation Pvt Ltd:

  • Utilising all the resources efficiently and replacing the default alternative resources with environmentally friendly Mineral components (MIC) such as fly ash, slag, Limestone and other MIC, whenever possible.

  • Implementing eco-friendly technologies for factories and mining operations.

  • Goals to implement successful progressive waste co-processing standards in manufacturing facilities.

  • Through evaluation of the quality of biodiversity in extraction sites and while minimising greenhouse gas emissions to bring about a positive influence on the environment.

  • Constantly engaging, improving, and developing the human capital with comprehensive training and providing an inclusive and varied work atmosphere to let the workforce thrive as the organisation’s most valuable asset.

The organisation’s sustainable development policy defines sustainable operation not merely as an economic need or a public responsibility but also as a long-term competitive edge. Lanwa Sanstha’s Sustainability Policy aims to promote the highest standards of business operations while striking a healthy balance between environmental preservation, social well-being, community development, and long-term economic success.